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  SHENZHEN DEXING MACHANICAL CO.,LTD. is a professional manufacturer of hollow molding machinery in Shenzhen city, China, which established in 2006. It integrates design, manufacturing, sales and after sales service, provides customers with professional complete solutions for blow molding machine production line. From preform designing to bottle formation, from project planning to machinery production, it is one of the suppliers of complete solutions for famous PET series products in China. The series of full-automatic high-speed blow molding machinery developed and manufactured by DEXING have been widely used in the production of plastic packaging of various volumes and different materials. A number of processing technologies are at domestic advanced level.


  DEXING DX series full-automatic, semi-automatic and other series of blow molding machinery, after years of updating and verification, the machinery performance meets industry leading level with high cost performance. Its capacity ranges from 2,000 pcs per hour to 24,000 pcs per hour, which meets different demands of PET, PP, PMMA, PS and other bottle packaging solutions (including water, beverage, cosmetic, edible oil, juice, tea, coffee, energy drinks, pharmaceutical, wide-mouth candy/snacks/nuts jar, and big volume hot filling bottles)


  All DEXING product series have passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification and international CE certification. Blowing machine is high speed, high quality, easily operated, easy maintenance, running stable and precisely. It is an ideal choice for large water factories, beverage  factories, various food packaging&supplying enterprises.