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Dexing Machinery joyfully moved to the new factory

Dexing Machinery joyfully moved to the new factory

Company News
2014/03/23 16:34
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Dexing Machinery is located in the factory of Shenzhen Anyang State Science Park

  As the size of Dexing Machinery's original plant can no longer meet and meet the requirements of various parties, in order to meet the ever-increasing demand for product orders from customers and meet the ever-increasing demand for realizing R&D and production, Dexing Machinery has decided to transfer the entire company. The original site of the Shenzhen Gongming Street Office Economic Development Corporation's No. 3 Industrial Park relocated to Anlipong Science and Technology Park, the first industrial zone in Ximing, Xi'an, Shenzhen. In addition to the improvement of the production environment, it also introduced a number of technologies and production equipment, making Dexing Machinery The R&D and production of products further takes the lead in the industry.

Dexing company's office front office on the second floor

Dexing blower blow bottle sample show

Dexing office corner

Dexing Gallery display area spring

Dexing blow molding machine processing and manufacturing equipment