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Dexing launches high-speed automatic blow molding machine

Dexing launches high-speed automatic blow molding machine

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2013/08/10 16:45
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Dexing launches a fully automatic six blowing machine series

  After comprehensive analysis of the blowing machine market and feedback from the market, as well as the strong needs of customers, Dexing Machinery set up a number of companies blow molding machine design engineers, developed a new model of a fully automatic one out of six series blowing machine. The performance of the new comprehensive six-series blowing machine has the following features:

  1. It is also a six-bottle blower. Dexing developed a six-bottle blower that runs faster and blows up to 6000 bottles per hour in 600ml bottles.

  2. Using the latest air duct design, the bottle body is transported to the filling line at a higher speed;

  3, Dexing blow molding machine body after optimization of the design compared to the same type of equipment is smaller, the machine equipment covers an area smaller, but the operation is more stable;

  4, Dexing fully automatic blowing machine bottle blowing process to achieve full automation, transport process fully automated;

  5, aerodynamic layout design is more reasonable, equipment configuration is higher;

Dexing blower quick air duct system device