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Blower bottle blowing process failure and treatment

Blower bottle blowing process failure and treatment

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2015/12/18 16:19
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1. Lightbox water channel high temperature alarm. Treatment method: Open the water pipe to connect the rubber pipe, use low-pressure gas and alcohol to purge the water channel, and clean.

2. Claw failure Solution: Adjust the slide height, or jaw position.

3 action stuck. Approach: restart the machine.

4 can not manually origin treatment method: view the displacement of a jaw, shift two jaws and variable pitch positioning plate, whether the card to the appropriate position, if not, manually make them card to the appropriate position, and then the origin.

5. Action is not in place Approach: Check if something is stuck. Adjust the gas flow valve.

6. Exhaust sound is too loud Disposal method: Check whether the high-pressure exhaust muffler is damaged or falling off.

7. Embryo hypocotyl uneven Treatment methods: Adjust the position of the embryo bucket.

The above is the fault and treatment method in the bottle blowing process.

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