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One out four fully automatic PET bottle blowing machine with a maximum capacity of 600ML


CA - Mineral Water and Beverage Bottle Series

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1. Low power consumption, high production capacity, stable performance and high cost performance.

2. Output: 550ml, 16G within a round bottle, 2.9 seconds a cycle, that is, the standard production capacity is 2400BPH; CALCULATED BY 1.5L, 28G ROUND BOTTLE, A CYCLE OF 3.5 SECONDS, THAT IS, THE STANDARD PRODUCTION CAPACITY IS 2000BPH. The speed of production capacity is related to the gram weight, bottle type and thickness of the bottle type.

3. The use of servo clamping, servo stretching, with double crank arm mechanical clamping system, the performance is more accurate, stable, higher efficiency, better energy-saving and gas-saving effect--- basically no need for the cost of low-pressure air compressor, and the use of high-pressure gas recovery system, high pressure is more gas-saving.


Product Details:

1. Upper embryo system: Servo single-lane upper embryo is adopted.

2. Rotation system: a special chain is adopted, driven by a servo motor, so that the heating unit is stable in motion, fast and accurate positioning.

3. Heating system: the unique semi-enclosed heating box in China with frequency conversion air cooling, circulating water cooling dual protection system, the use of infrared lamps (the lamp arrangement according to the shape of the wide-mouth preform tube changed to inclined type) through the preform heating, so that the stretching is more uniform, high transparency; It is equipped with a matte reflector, which has a soft and uniform reflection, makes full use of the heat energy of the lamp, shortens the heating time, reduces energy consumption and improves production capacity. And each layer of each lamp can be adjusted individually, according to the customer's different tube embryo up and down, back and forth.

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