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One out eight fully automatic PET bottle blowing machine with a maximum capacity of 600ML


CA - Mineral Water and Beverage Bottle Series

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Low power consumption, high production capacity, stable performance and high cost performance.

Product Details:

1. Embryo feeding system: Single-channel servo blank loading system is adopted, the blank is evenly divided, the fault point is few, the performance is stable, and the stepper motor divides the embryo, which effectively solves the problem of wear between the card embryo and the preform.

2. Rotation system: a special chain is adopted, driven by a servo motor, so that the heating unit is stable in motion, and the positioning is fast and accurate.

3. Heating system: the unique semi-enclosed heating box in China has a dual protection system of frequency conversion air cooling and circulating water cooling, and the infrared lamp is used to penetrate the preform for heating, so that the stretching is more uniform and the transparency is high; It is equipped with imported reflective aluminum plate, which makes full use of the heat energy of the lamp, shortens the heating time, reduces energy consumption and improves production capacity. And each layer of each lamp can be adjusted individually, according to the customer's different tube embryo up and down, back and forth. Constant temperature and energy-saving heating mechanism diagram (subverting the traditional 8K stainless steel mirror light gathering heat, resulting in excessive local heating and unevenness)

4. Light box heating system: Linear centralized heating method is adopted, which can quickly and save energy.

5. Mold system: using high-pressure mold locking technology, no mold expansion phenomenon, and the mold clamping line is fine. The mold adopts a drawer-type structure, which is positioned on the back plate of the mold with fixed four tie rods, and can be easily replaced within half an hour.

6. Pull-blowing system: the cycle time of one blow and two blows can be adjusted, and each pull rod can be adjusted separately according to different tube embryos and different bottle types of customers, with high flexibility.

7. Handle placement system: the handle is automatically placed by the manipulator, which is convenient and concise.

8. Electronic control system: pneumatic and electrical components are made of internationally renowned brands, touch screen control system is easy to operate, has perfect monitoring and sensing settings, has fault diagnosis function, automatic calculation report function, and grasps the production efficiency of each shift.

9. Cooling/chilled water circulation system: There is a cooling water channel under the heating box, which uses the cooling water channel to block the heat of the lamp when the preform is heated to protect the tooth from deformation. Chilled water is delivered to the mold, which quickly cools the mold and improves the productivity efficiency of the whole machine.

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